Welcome to Marie’s Pots Direct

Marie’s Pots is an extension to the Tony Irons Cacti business. We supply good recyclable growers pots, plus decorative pots/bowls that are non recyclable and therefore are longer lasting.

Marie has prior experience of supplying decorative pots for individuals who require ‘Statement pieces’ of interior design, using mostly Cacti & Succulents’ from her fathers sale plants.

We aim to supply the best of the pots around at this time, whether they are from the UK or not. We use our knowledge and buying power to secure supplies of these.

The listed pots/bowls are aimed at the growers/collectors of Cacti and Succulents, but a number of other growers do use these for Fuchsia, Geraniums and such like.

‘New old Stock’ is naturally limited in quantity and once ‘Sold out’ may become impossible to re-supply. Please note though, that all our resources and contacts will be used to secure access to additional supplies of these.

Please note that all our prices are keenly priced and are offered at ‘hard to beat’ prices. Also, they are available to you at ‘direct’ prices, no more waiting for availability at locals shows!

Also note, that the ‘New old stock’ pots may vary in colour a fraction, due to manufacture occurring at different times and possibly using other moulds/producers.

All Pots are now only sold as multi packs.  We are no longer able to sell individual pots. 

Standard rate postage and packing for the UK only is charged at £4.99.